Services in our Parish

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The following is a general list of Services that are held at the three churches during 2017, you are of course welcome to attend any of these if you wish. There are plans to try a new experimental pattern from January 2018 for a period of 6 months. Details can be obtained from the Rector.

NB The first service in every month will be a joint service moving around our three churches. Please contact the Rector to obtain details of the relevant service location if you wish to attend the first service of the month.

 BCP - Book of Common Prayer;  CW - Common Worship.

     St Mary's, Broughton Astley

Sundays              9:45 am  Holy Communion 

2nd Sunday        8:00 am Holy Communion BCP
(3rd from 2018)  9:45 am Messy Church - especially for families!

 Wednesday        9:30 am Holy Communion (CW)

 Feast Days  - as announced

St Michael's, Stoney Stanton

     Sundays            9:30 am Holy Communion

                           6:00 pm 1st Sunday only is Holy Communion)

    3rd Sunday       9:30 am  Get Messy Service
    (2nd from 2018) 4:00 pm Holy Communion (from 2018)

    Thursday          9:30 am Holy Communion (CW)

     Feast Days - as announced

St Michael and All Angel's, Croft

Sunday          11:15 am Parish Communion

    3rd Sunday       9:30 am  Family friendly communion
    (4th from 2018  which will be a Messy Church service at Croft School)

Tuesday         11:15 am Holy Communion BCP  (Contact Rector for Venue)

1st Saturday    12-2 pm Lunches in Church
                     3 pm Family Service

Feast Days  - as announced


Jesus stand among us at the breaking of the bread,
join us as one body as we worship You, our Head.
O Jesus, we love you, so we gather here;
join our hearts in unity and take away our fear

                                        Graham Kendrick - 1977 Make way Music