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The Rector Writes......

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Lent begins on the 1st Day of March this year which displaces poor old St David of Wales! Tony I am sure will find a way round that conundrum as he is fiercely Welsh! 

Last month Frances wrote about our plans to make prayer a central part of our church community life this year alongside partying! Well I know Lent does not lend itself to parties but we have a lovely evening at Croft School as the 3 churches come together to eat pancakes and enjoy a beetle drive! Later in the month is an afternoon tea at St Michaels Stoney Stanton and a pudding evening at St Mary’s Broughton Astley.  And these events are not just to fund raise but to simply get together and enjoy each other’s company. The food helps of course! Would you like to join us??

We also are holding two Lent groups which you are really welcome to come to! One at St Michaels Stoney Stanton from 12.30 -2.30pm on Tuesdays during Lent which includes some home-made soup and bread followed by an hour of thinking about our faith in a study by US. That used to be called the United Society for the propagation of the Gospel!  For those who work there is a repeat on a Wednesday evening at The Rectory in Broughton Astley….no soup….but plenty of coffee, tea and biscuits. These opportunities to get together are invaluable! Come and see with us!

There is much more to invite you too, so have a look to see what you might like to experience and a warm welcome awaits you….I know its hard to get back into church or go through the door for a first time. I watch people’s body language  especially at christenings, weddings and funerals. Church can feel an alien world to some……but there are people who once felt just like that but once through the door and an effort to come back again 2-3-4 times and we all know what it can be like, then friendships are made and the journey of faith is ignited! 

So….a 40 day journey awaits us as we follow Jesus to the Cross, read what he said and did in his ministry and last days, pray that we might understand better the sorrow of the Cross and the joy of resurrection and walk together into a new     relationship with one another and with God.

LENT PROGRAMME  - Come and see.

Lent Course – ‘Living an authentic life’

Every Tuesday Lunch time beginning on 7th March until 4th April   12.30-2.30pm at  

St Michaels Stoney Stanton

Every Wednesday evening beginning on 8th March until 5th April  7.30pm- 9pm at The Rectory  in Broughton Astley.

Compline – Night Prayer

A beautiful said night prayer service to end the day gently and prayerfully.

Every Sunday at 6pm in the church

5th March – Croft, 12th March – Stoney Stanton, 19th March Broughton Astley 26th March – Croft ,2nd April – Stoney Stanton , 9th April – Broughton Astley


Approaches to Prayer  Part 1 

Saturday 11th March from 10am-2pm

St Mary’s Broughton Astley


A course written by Angela Ashwin and led by Frances and Sharon.

Three approaches to the practise of prayer, a gentle study with plenty of time to listen, discuss

and practise. Please bring a packed lunch. Coffee and tea and juice and biscuits available.


The aims of the course are:

i)    To encourage people in their personal prayer and everyday relationship with God, affirming what they already do and opening up new possibilities.  ii)   To look at what happens in church services and how we engage with worship, with a view to      deepening our  understanding of what we do and why.  iii)   To explore how our corporate worship can enrich our ongoing spiritual journey, and vice versa.


Please telephone or e mail Sharon to book your place.  01455 644779.