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St Michael's is one of three churches in the combined Parish of St Mary the Virgin, Broughton Astley, St Michael's, Stoney Stanton and St Michael and All Angels, Croft.

Christians have worshipped on the site of this church for the past 1400 years. May you enjoy your visit to our website......

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Croft - A Short History

The settlement of Croft dates from Saxon times and there may have been an earlier church which was destroyed by the Danes. In Cartularium Saxonium, a survey of place names compiled in 836 AD, Croft is named as Craeft. The Domesday Survey gives the names Crebe and Crebre, but the survey does not mention the presence of a priest in the village.

The Church

The dedication of Croft Church of St Michael and All Angels may well indicate a 7th Century foundation. Many churches dedicated to St Michael are situated on or near an eminence and in medieval times there would be an association of height with the mythical legends of St Michael. Here at Croft we have the 200ft hill close by the

The church was rebuilt in 1878, and the faculty for the rebuild dated 21st Feb 1878 states "All old architectural features would be preserved", but with the exception of the tower there was very little to preserve, so we have a new church built to a 14th century tower.

Whether you are just curious, just moved to the area or rethinking of the faith you once had, or just need someone to talk to... contact us, or better still, come and meet us - and join in!

Serving the Community

We serve and care for our Community, to show the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ to all so that all may share in the Good News of the Gospel.

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